Nicole (Grundseminar Winter 2014)

Liebe Michaela,

ich danke dir und den anderen im Team für diese unglaubliche Woche, die mich so tief bewegt hat. Ich möchte auf diesem Weg für mich weitergehen und bin sehr froh, dass Ihr mich für die Profiausbildung annehmt.
Ich umarme dich, du wunderbare Frau, bis bald!


PS: Vielleicht benötigst du auch mal eine Referenz auf englisch? Dann kannst du gerne Auszüge aus meiner Mail an meine Freundinnen verwenden, ich hänge sie einfach unten an.

Dear Sisters,

my heart is heavy writing this – I won’t come to Wintermoon in Febuary. I was tossing and turning with this decision but I am on a path that feels so absolutely right for my own transformation into the woman I want to be, I deserve to be, that I feel the need to follow.

To be a little clearer: after thinking about it for a long time, I attended a 7 day seminar for tantra touch and massages lately. Never in my entire life did I experience such intense emotions, sensations, insight into my soul, happiness, a connection to myself as a woman, to my so called “yoni” and – yes! – lust and desire. Being seen and touched as the human being I am, started a healing process for me. Being a very “sexual” person as long as I can think, I now experienced that I am even more sensual, longing for touch and enjoying to touch other human beings even more. For my own emotional growth, I decided to learn the art of this touch on a professional level. What will await me on the end of the road, I don’t know – I might still be a flight school administrative, only with healing hands and a calm soul.